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5 Questions To Help You Find A Pro Painter

We all know how tough a search for a reliable and professional painter can be.

How do you determine if a painter knows what they're doing? How can you be sure they'll make your life easier and your house better and not the opposite?

We've put together 5 questions that will help you identify a real pro painter.

1. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

An answer to this question should be obviously “YES”. A painter should meet a certain level of professionalism before getting a license. Bonded and insured painters also help you to feel secure. Particularly, if you need to paint an apartment complex with an HOA, signing a contract with an unlicensed and uninsured company is not only a bad idea, it is simply illegal.

2. Do you have a list of references?

Before hiring a painter, you’ll want to find out what their previous clients think about a job they did. Professional and experienced painters will have a list of references with addresses and contacts of clients whom you can call. Pro painters will be proud to offer you to look at the list themselves, without asking.

3. How many years of experience do you have?

Professionalism is something that is gained over the years. The more years of experience your future painter has, the better. Don’t trust your house to someone with less than 5 years of experience. 10 years – better. Over 20 - perfect.

4. What quality of materials do you use?

This is a psychological question – ask it and see how a painter responds. If the painter seems confused and not ready to tell you about paint or supplies, it looks like a "red flag". Perhaps this painter won't pay attention to the quality of the materials, which could lead to a poor quality paint job and possibly lead you to needing a new paint job very soon. If this question doesn’t frighten the painter, and they enthusiastically give you a solid answer, this is a good sign. To achieve a high-quality paint job, a painter has to use not only high-quality paint but also high-quality materials like brushes, tape, rollers, etc.

5. Is the price of your quote final?

That is what you always need to pay attention to. Sometimes a quote may seem attractive, but later added costs appear: paint, supplies, more paint, more supplies. That’s what some painters do to attract a client. You want to ensure there are no additional costs after the project starts except of course unforeseen things like termite damage, water damage, or things not seen at the time of the quote. A Pro painter will reflect all expenses including “paint and supplies'' on a quote right away and will make the quote look presentable. In addition a Pro painter will always discuss anything “unforeseen” that comes up fully and honestly before charging for it.

This list of questions will help you to prepare for your painting project better!

If you don't want to worry about painting, CALL US NOW and get a free quote.


We have answers to all these questions.

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